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Kivaflex QC

Zone Distributed “Plug and Play” Electrical Power System

Modular Pre-wired components available in 4 different circuit configurations facilitate fast and easy installation and create a flexible system for future changes. The Kiva System provides for the secondary consolidation of up to [12] 20 AMP circuits in under floor zone distribution boxes. All components are factory wired with quick connect cable sets that are easily connected or disconnected in minutes. The system provides for interface with hard wired wall receptacles, pre-wired systems in modular furniture or demountable walls.

 Rather than constructing a cable plant on site from raw materials, this plug and play, modular system is manufactured in a factory environment, eliminating costly delays while providing factory supervised quality control. Future moves and changes are accomplished quickly and easily and don’t require the disposal of expensive one time use materials to the landfill.

Flush mount floor boxes provide for the distribution of power as well as termination points for Voice and Data communications cabling in copper or fiber.  Floor boxes are available for both low profile access floor as well as traditional adjustable height access floor.

All components are rated for 20 Amps and tested to 600 volts. All components of the Kiva Modular Electrical System are UL/CUL listed per UL 183-Manufactured Wiring Systems, UL5-Multi-Outlet Assemblies, or UL514A-Metallic Outlet Boxes and are approved for environmental air handling spaces other than ducts or plenums UL CSA

Modular Interior Technologies, LLC


Powerflex Xcel


1 - Modular Base
2 - Access Panel
3 - Corner Clamp
4 - Corner Clamp Screw
5 - Interlocking Vinyl Tile
6 - Modular Carpet
(by others)

A - Zone Distribution
Box Prewired
B - Flush Lid Service
Module Prewired
C - System Conversion
(interface w/ contractor
wired wall box)

D - System Conversion
(interface w/ furniture
system power feed)

E - Grommet
F - Circuit Cable
Splitter 4-Way
G - Inline Cable Connectors
H - Inline Cable Set
I - Zone Starter Cables combined with Cable Sets and In-Line Connectors to form modular Zone Cables from building circuit panel to Zone Distribution Box

J - Passive Network Zone
Distribution Box (by others)
K - Data/com cable main bundle
(by others)
L - Modified (M/F) patch cord to data/com outlet (by others)
M - Modified (M/F) patch cord to access box termination (by others)
N - Active Zone Distribution Switch Housing and lid
O - Fiber Optic Cable from MDF to network switch
(by others)
P - Network switch
(by others)

Click Here To Download a PDF of the KIVA Modular Electrical System